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Soda El Artesano : The place where the locals eat

Sometimes the travelers prefer to stay in their comfort zone, eating pizzas or European/ American food, but sometimes we meet people who wants to discover the local food, surrounded by the locals of the village (the Ticos); and we are happy to tell you that you have found your happiness ! Welcome to the soda El Artesano.

At the name suggests, The Soda El Artesano is a soda. This is a little restaurant frequented by local people who cook typical food from Costa Rica. You have some choices for an attractive price and the food is tasty !

You can start your day with the typical breakfast, the Gallo Pinto, which consists of rice mixed with black beans, sour cream, eggs and fried plantain. If you're hungry for the lunch, you can come back for the famous Casado Tipico (arroz, black beans, salad and fried plantain with chicken, fish, beef or pork) or for the nachos, served in a huge plate that you will never finish !

But the typical food isn't the only thing you can eat, if your friends or family would like more "basic" food, the menu include pasta, shrimps, fish (I suggest you the fresh fish with garlic and homemade mashed potatoes), salad, sandwiches, burgers, and very good dessert. If you're not hungry and just want to drink a coffee, don't hesitate to go for the snack, asking for their delicious pancakes with sirup.

But remember that this place represent the fervour of Costa Rica, you gonna meet people from Montezuma and probably listen them laughing with other clients (locals or travelers !). The waiters are always smiling and it's commun to talk with them.

To resume, after your surf lesson in Montezuma, if you want to discover a local restaurant, surrounded by people from Montezuma, eating in a good mood, go to the Soda El Artesano !

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