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El Sano Banano : The best place to eat in peace

If you look for the tranquility during your meal, El Sano Banano is the perfect place !

For us, a perfect restaurant combine 3 things : the place, the food and the ambiance.

If you are like us, you have so many reasons to go to eat there : Its geographic location, its garden surrounded by nature, birds and squirrels, its peaceful ambiance, the choice of background music, the many fans on the ceiling, the smiling waiters and, of course, the amazing food.

El Sano Banano

First, El Sano Banano is easy to find : the restaurant is in the center of Montezuma. You can choose between two places to eat : Inside or in the garden. The charm is different. You can eat inside with a subdued atmosphere or outside with the sound of the fountain and the birds. If you have a dog, he will adore stay with you outside.

Moreover, the atmosphere can't be very good without good vibes. The waiters always receive you with smile, good humored and simplicity. They help you to find your favorite food, they talk with you during your wait without becoming intrusive : We have the impression to be at home with friends. You will have understood, we love the good service of El Sano Banano, the super personalities of William, Genaro, Dylany, Andres and Jairo and the timeliness of service.

At the end, because the most important things in a restaurant is the food, we can recommend EVERYTHING on the menu. The meals are very hearty, tasty and very attractive to the eye. We have a preference for the typical breakfast, the chicken fajitas, the patacones with guacamole and an amazing hot brownie with ice cream. A delight !

Don't hesitate to take your breakfast in El Sano Banano to recharge your batteries before your surf lessons in Montezuma with Surf School By The Wave !


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