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Why choose Montezuma ?

There are so many reasons to choose Montezuma than another destination in Costa Rica.

You are between the Pacific Ocean with blue and warm water and the jungle. You can walk in the beautiful natural reserves or swim in the waterfalls. You can danse with the local peoples or share a beer with the other tourists. The peninsula of Nicoya is one of the biggest ecosystems in Costa Rica.

In general, in Costa Rica, you gonna pay everything and often for a high price (for example in Monteverde it's 35$ to walk in the jungle...). In Montezuma, you can chose how to share your time to prevent to go back home asking a meeting to your bank. We gonna categorize it in two parts : The free activities and the activities with tour agencies.

Concerning the free activities (more details about each of them in the next posts) :

You can go to the beautiful and famous waterfalls (El Chorro, Piedra Colorada, Cocalito) and to the natural pool just walking around the city. You don't need a car to discover Montezuma ! At 4:30 pm, you can assist to the turtles release in the ocean (and it's impressive !) with the explications of the NGO's volunteers (ASVO). You can also discover the beautiful natural reserve of Playa Grande : 30 min walking in the jungle in company of monkeys, birds, iguanas... don't hesitate to stop in the waterfall or in the beach "Las Piedras Coloradas" where you gonna see beach art. Try to create your own pyramid with rocks ! Participates in a camp fire with local peoples and go to assist to the fire show in the center of the town before finish your night in the bar. To finish, you can just sunbathe in the shade of a coconut tree.

Concerning activities with agencies (more details about each of them in the next posts):

The first thing to do is obviously to surf in Montezuma with Surf School By The Wave. We speak English, Spanish and French and I can assure you it will be an unforgettable memory. During 2 hours (and after 30 minutes walking in the beautiful natural reserve of Playa Grande between monkeys, birds and Iguanas), our super surf instructors gonna teach you how to surf in the best conditions and in safety. To progress quickly you need to practice, for this reason, only 15 minutes are devoted to the theorical lesson and to practice in the sand. The rest of the time is in the water with your personal surf instructor. Every time your feet touch the sand and you just have to concentrate your mind on your position on the surfboard to get up, keep the balance and feel the best sensations of your holidays. You will be maximum 3 students per surf instructor to begin better quickly ! Don't hesitate to ask your photos and videos packaging to show your surf adventure to your friends and family in Instagram !

The second thing to do is one day to Isla Tortuga with the best tour agency in the peninsula : Zuma Tour. How's your day looking ? You start your day at 9 am, waiting a boat of the company in Playa Montezuma. After 40 min along the shore, discovering the waterfalls and the beautiful coast, some groups of dolphines gonna follow you jumping around the boat. If you are lucky, you can also see whales ! This show will begin probably one of your best memory in Costa Rica. I will write more details in the next publication about this expedition but to resume, Isla Tortuga is a paradise with a blue warm water when you can discover so many kind of different fishes during your snorkelling and also sharks (if you want). I would like to specify that the strength of this tour is also the super team who take care of you every time. Thanks to them, you will spend an amazing moment. (Ask Tacho if you speak French !).

Third, you can go to the absolute natural reserve of Cabo Blanco during one day and only pay for the entrance (it's not expensive, I think it's like 10$). It's better for you if before your visit you ask to someone living in Montezuma to go with you like a guide (a local people). He gonna help you to find all the animals during your walking tour and explain you so many things about the history of the place... for a low price ! (Ask me if you want the names of my friends here !)

You can also do horse ridding on the beach during more or less 2h with Cabo Blanco Travelers, rent an ATV to discover the peninsula (you can ask for a guide) and Zip Lining with Sun Trails...

You see, you can do so many things in Montezuma without depends all your money ! Don't hesitate to send me an email if you want more details to spend the best holidays of your life.


Surf lessons (in Montezuma or surf lessons in Santa Teresa ) : Surf School By The Wave

Isla Tortuga : Zuma Tour

Horse Ridding : Cabo Blanco Travelers

ATV rent : Eco Tours

Zip Lining : Sun Trails


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