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Travel tips to save your money : The Juan Santamaria International Airport is NOT in San José

Everybody think that the international airport in Costa Rica is in San José. Probably because San José is the famous capital of Costa Rica and it's situated near to the airport. This is a strategy that allows travelers to imagine where they gonna land in the country. But it’s not true !

The international airport who deserves all the countries is situated in Alajuela. And it’s very important to know that if you want to save your money.

In general, people think they are already in San José. Logically, they reserve 1 night there before continue to travel. But between the airport and the hotel, the price is very expensive and it’s normal :

- They want to go from an airport to a capital

- The trajet is longer and the price rates more expensive

- If you go during the day, you gonna meet the biggest particularity of a big city : the traffic congestion :)

- Moreover, the prices in the hotels are more expensive in the capital.

My advice is to go directly to an hotel in Alajuela, a beautiful little place more secure than San José. What are the advantages ?

- Free shuttle

- Hotel with low price (Go to Backpackers hotel in Alajuela !)

- A lot of bus deserve San José in 10 minutes (for less than 1$)

- If you go to Montezuma or another place with private shuttle, they come directly to take you at your hotel

Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need more informations :)

Merry christmas !


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